Mockup for a design for Boop the Snoot, a pet adoption app.

Boop the Snoot. November 2019

Sketches of dogs. Line art and full color.

Doggo Sketches. August 2019.

Line art sketch of a dog, Sage.

Sage Sketch. August 2019.

Character design. Black cat sitting ontop of a skull surrounded by ghosts.

Spoopy Cat. July 2019.

SVG animation of a hummingbird. Flat color stylized.

Hummingbird. June 2019.

A pair of blue-footed-boobies on a beach. Stylized, flat color. Blue, purple, and off-white.

Strange Birds. May 2019.

purple line sketches with loose shading of Tibetan Mastiff dogs in various poses.

Floofer Dogs. March 2019.

Flat color illustration of a bird. Stylized, blue and orange. Featured.

Oh No Bird. March 2019.

SVG animation of a girl and her dinosaur having a campfire against a dark background.

Dinosaur Campfire. March 2019.

Grayscale monotone isometric illustration of a castle and landscape with a pink and black swirling abstract dragon around the top of the castle.

Isometric Castle. In Progress. March 2019.

SVG animation of a chihuahua tail wagging and head tilting. Full color stylized art.

Sammy Tail Wagging March 2019.

Stylized drawing of a pink pig with cool gray spots.

Year of the Pig. February 2019.