Full color stylized illustration of a jellyfish.

Jellyfish. January 2017.

Three different poses of a fennec fox. Full Color. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator.

Fennec Foxes. October 2016.

One fish, fully rendered grayscale. A top hat and monacle have been added.

Evolutionary Radiations. May 2011.

Screenshot of the website I created to house Envi. The game is in a window in the center, with elements of the website background overlapping the menu to the right.

Envi. May 2010.

Mystery Diagnosis Title Sequence. February 2009.

Black and white, graphite and line art drawings of a ringtail lemur skill. Cranial base labeled, and a lateral view inset with lower jaw.

Ringtail Lemur Skull. December 2007.