Grayscale monotone isometric illustration of a castle and landscape with a pink and black swirling abstract dragon around the top of the castle.

Isometric Castle. In Progress. March 2019.

Black and white sketch of a cartoon cat character. Fleischer animation style

Black and White Cat. October 2018.

Black and white line of scene from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Unfinished. Zelda and Link looking through window. Gannon inside window. Vines on either side of window.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In Progress. November 2017.

Two illustrations. Top: line art building, Bottom: color filled building. Pink government building.

Colorful Vector Buildings. July 2015

Management Whiteboard. September 2014.

Black and white line art sketch of a deer from a game of exquisite corpse.

Exquisite Corpse Sketches. July 2013.

One fish, fully rendered grayscale. A top hat and monacle have been added.

Evolutionary Radiations. May 2011.

Demo Reel. 2010.

Line art showing a cochleostomy with electrode insertion in three steps.

Cochleostomy with Electrode Insertion. April 2010.

Color illustration of ear anatomy. Simplified for kids. Show cochlea, ear bones, brains, tymphanic memebrane, skull, and outer ear.

Hearing: Educational Animation for Grades 1–3. August 2009.

Black and white shaded illustration of a Red Tailed Lemur Skull. Includes labels for major anatomical landmarks, and a silhouette to scale, of the size of the skull.

Red Tail Sportive Lemur Skull. February 2008.

Black and white, graphite and line art drawings of a ringtail lemur skill. Cranial base labeled, and a lateral view inset with lower jaw.

Ringtail Lemur Skull. December 2007.