Character design. Full color illustration of a white and green cloaked skull friend with antlers and a crown.

Skull and Crown. April. 2019.

Two dog skull illustrations, Monotone, left one red, right one green. Flat color.

Dog Skulls. January 2019.

In progress color illustration of a skull on fire. Brain is visible. Pile of ashes lies beneath skull.

Burn Out. September 2015

Color illustration of developing fetus. Seven stages.

Fetal Development and Birth. June 2015.

Desktop background illustration of Leonnard "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek. Full background.

Dammit McCoy. October 2013.

Color illustration of ear anatomy. Simplified for kids. Show cochlea, ear bones, brains, tymphanic memebrane, skull, and outer ear.

Hearing: Educational Animation for Grades 1–3. August 2009.

Geriatrics Magazine Mock-up. With a full-color illustration showing a fragility fracture in an elderly patient.

Geriatrics Cover: Fragility Fractures. April 2009.

Color illustration showing the correct positioning for performing a lumbar puncture. Also shows a cut-away of the needle passing through tissue layers.

Lumbar Puncture. April 2009.

Black and white shaded illustration of a Red Tailed Lemur Skull. Includes labels for major anatomical landmarks, and a silhouette to scale, of the size of the skull.

Red Tail Sportive Lemur Skull. February 2008.

Black and white, graphite and line art drawings of a ringtail lemur skill. Cranial base labeled, and a lateral view inset with lower jaw.

Ringtail Lemur Skull. December 2007.