Sketches of dogs. Line art and full color.

Doggo Sketches. August 2019.

Character design. Black cat sitting ontop of a skull surrounded by ghosts.

Spoopy Cat. July 2019.

Illustration of two robots side-by-side made out of computer parts.

Computer Robots. July 2019.

Full color isometric illustration, boxer looking out window.

Hank. June 2019.

A pair of blue-footed-boobies on a beach. Stylized, flat color. Blue, purple, and off-white.

Strange Birds. May 2019.

SVG animation of toaster making some toast. Flat color stylized.

Toaster Pop. May 2019.

Character design. Full color illustration of a white and green cloaked skull friend with antlers and a crown.

Skull and Crown. April. 2019.

SVG animation of a teal coffee cup from top down view. Animation inside coffee cup showing transition from day to night with a sun and moon.

Coffee Day and Night. April 2019.

Character design. Full color illustration of a teal holographic boy struggling with hover boots.

Ames the Holographic Boy. April 2019.

SVG animation of a line art building going from flat 2d front view to isometric view.

Isometric Building Transform. April 2019.

purple line sketches with loose shading of Tibetan Mastiff dogs in various poses.

Floofer Dogs. March 2019.