Mockup for a design for Boop the Snoot, a pet adoption app.

Boop the Snoot. November 2019

Sketches of dogs. Line art and full color.

Doggo Sketches. August 2019.

Line art sketch of a dog, Sage.

Sage Sketch. August 2019.

Full color isometric illustration, boxer looking out window.

Hank. June 2019.

purple line sketches with loose shading of Tibetan Mastiff dogs in various poses.

Floofer Dogs. March 2019.

SVG animation of a chihuahua tail wagging and head tilting. Full color stylized art.

Sammy Tail Wagging March 2019.

Smoosh Face Dog. October 2018.

Illustration of a dog face. Nefoundland dog features. Dark color. Very exaggerated long face and features. Character. Bright orange bandana.

Long Droopy Dog. September 2018.

3 color and line work illustrations of a tired dog in various poses

Dogs Sploot. June 2018.

Portrait of a happy dog in orange. Line drawing.

Orange Dog. June 2018.

Fast color sketch. Line and few fills. Nine month old Great Pyrenees Puppy.

Sam. October 2015.

Line art sketch of a sleeping dog.

Sleeping Sage. August 2015.