Character design. Black cat sitting ontop of a skull surrounded by ghosts.

Spoopy Cat. July 2019.

Illustration of two robots side-by-side made out of computer parts.

Computer Robots. July 2019.

Full color isometric illustration, boxer looking out window.

Hank. June 2019.

A pair of blue-footed-boobies on a beach. Stylized, flat color. Blue, purple, and off-white.

Strange Birds. May 2019.

SVG animation of toaster making some toast. Flat color stylized.

Toaster Pop. May 2019.

Character design. Full color illustration of a teal holographic boy struggling with hover boots.

Ames the Holographic Boy. April 2019.

Flat color illustration of a bird. Stylized, blue and orange. Featured.

Oh No Bird. March 2019.

SVG animation of a girl and her dinosaur having a campfire against a dark background.

Dinosaur Campfire. March 2019.

SVG animation of a blueberry pie building itself on a loop.

Blueberry Pi. March 2019.

SVG animation of a chihuahua tail wagging and head tilting. Full color stylized art.

Sammy Tail Wagging March 2019.

Fat orange hamster character. Stylized cartoon.

Hamster. September 2018.