Character design. Black cat sitting ontop of a skull surrounded by ghosts.

Spoopy Cat. July 2019.

Illustration of two robots side-by-side made out of computer parts.

Computer Robots. July 2019.

Full color isometric illustration, boxer looking out window.

Hank. June 2019.

A pair of blue-footed-boobies on a beach. Stylized, flat color. Blue, purple, and off-white.

Strange Birds. May 2019.

Character design. Full color illustration of a white and green cloaked skull friend with antlers and a crown.

Skull and Crown. April. 2019.

Flat color illustration of a bird. Stylized, blue and orange. Featured.

Oh No Bird. March 2019.

Flat design full color illustration of a city with a lake, park, and a bus driving along a road in the foreground.

Laketran STS Illustrations with Blackbird Digital. February 2019.

Stylized full color illustration of pour over coffee brewing set up with a mug of coffee sitting next to it.

Pour Over Coffee February 2019.

Stylized color illustration of a single pink donut with sprinkles.

Donut Stack. February 2019.

Color illustration of a potted green succulent plant in a gray pot with river rocks, sitting on a dark background.

Office Succulent. January 2019.

Two dog skull illustrations, Monotone, left one red, right one green. Flat color.

Dog Skulls. January 2019.

Stylized color illustration of a red winged blackbird sitting on the edge of a round frame with a green pine forest in the background.

Winter Red Winged Blackbird. November 2018.