Stylized pill bottle illustration. Flat design. Color.

Pill Bottle. November 2018.

Color illustration of developing fetus. Seven stages.

Fetal Development and Birth. June 2015.

Color illustration of brain with surgical options shown as color labels. Color key in the upper left corner.

Epilepsy. June 2011.

Demo Reel. 2010.

Line art showing a cochleostomy with electrode insertion in three steps.

Cochleostomy with Electrode Insertion. April 2010.

Blood Cells. October 2009.

Full color screenshot from human embryogenisis application. Full fetus at eight weeks.

Human Embryogenesis. August 2009.

Geriatrics Magazine Mock-up. With a full-color illustration showing a fragility fracture in an elderly patient.

Geriatrics Cover: Fragility Fractures. April 2009.

Color illustration showing the correct positioning for performing a lumbar puncture. Also shows a cut-away of the needle passing through tissue layers.

Lumbar Puncture. April 2009.

Mystery Diagnosis Title Sequence. February 2009.

Full color 2D render of a 3D scene. Hospital room with equipment, lights, table, instrument cart, da Vinci Si Surgical System

Da Vinci Operating System. December 2008.

Color illustration. 2D still rendered from a 3D scene. Depicts HIV virus eliminating t cells by inducing apoptosis. Scene is inside blood vessel.

HIV T Cell Apoptosis. December 2008.