Sketches of dogs. Line art and full color.

Doggo Sketches. August 2019.

Line art sketch of a dog, Sage.

Sage Sketch. August 2019.

Character design. Full color illustration of a teal holographic boy struggling with hover boots.

Ames the Holographic Boy. April 2019.

purple line sketches with loose shading of Tibetan Mastiff dogs in various poses.

Floofer Dogs. March 2019.

Stylized drawing of a pink pig with cool gray spots.

Year of the Pig. February 2019.

Stylized pill bottle illustration. Flat design. Color.

Pill Bottle. November 2018.

Black and white sketch of a cartoon cat character. Fleischer animation style

Black and White Cat. October 2018.

Fat orange hamster character. Stylized cartoon.

Hamster. September 2018.

Smoosh Face Dog. October 2018.

Stylized self portraits. Martial arts. Two poses in the gi. Color illustration.

Self-Portrait Series. September 2018.

3 color and line work illustrations of a tired dog in various poses

Dogs Sploot. June 2018.

Flat color stylized icon of a gopher peaking out of hole.

Groundhog. February 2018.