A pair of blue-footed-boobies on a beach. Stylized, flat color. Blue, purple, and off-white.

Strange Birds. May 2019.

SVG animation of a girl and her dinosaur having a campfire against a dark background.

Dinosaur Campfire. March 2019.

Stylized drawing of a pink pig with cool gray spots.

Year of the Pig. February 2019.

Two dog skull illustrations, Monotone, left one red, right one green. Flat color.

Dog Skulls. January 2019.

Stylized color illustration of a red winged blackbird sitting on the edge of a round frame with a green pine forest in the background.

Winter Red Winged Blackbird. November 2018.

Color illustration of two gray and black striped, domestic shorthair cats, a black and tan chihuahua, and a black newfoundland puppy.

Loki, Sigyn, Sam, and Sage. December 2014.

One fish, fully rendered grayscale. A top hat and monacle have been added.

Evolutionary Radiations. May 2011.

Black and white shaded illustration of a Red Tailed Lemur Skull. Includes labels for major anatomical landmarks, and a silhouette to scale, of the size of the skull.

Red Tail Sportive Lemur Skull. February 2008.

Black and white, graphite and line art drawings of a ringtail lemur skill. Cranial base labeled, and a lateral view inset with lower jaw.

Ringtail Lemur Skull. December 2007.